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Atomizer Disinfection Robot

Battle COVID-19 with our advanced Atomizer Disinfection Robot!

Atomizer Disinfection Robot (Main Image - v3)

Contactless operations and safety means everything

23.8 L

Super-large capacity for 10 hours of use without refilling the disinfectant


The robot can be deployed for the venue in 2 hours

Atomizer Disinfection Robot is a disinfection robot committed to the intelligent disinfection and epidemic prevention of indoor spaces with high population density and strong mobility.

By using the SLAM patented positioning and navigation solution, combined with high-performance automatic module. Atomizer Disinfection Robot can achieve 6log-level of disinfection effect, which strongly improves the safety of environmental sanitation.

Atomizer Disinfection Robot (Second Image)
New Intelligent Disinfection Experience

The disinfection requirements are intelligently analysed according to the usage scenarios, the disinfection rout and duration are independently planned to fully cover the environmental space.

Powerful sterilization and high efficiency

With a 2000mL/h ultra-fast atomization rate, the robot can completely eliminate harmful
indoor microorganisms of 600㎡ in one time. With the ultrasonic atomization technology,
the robot can spread dry mist particles all over the space without missing, achieving 99.99%
sterilization rate and 360° disinfection.

Voice patrol for early warning

With real-time voice broadcast, transparent epidemic prevention and disinfection process,
rolling playback of anti-epidemic knowledge, making the crowd feel at ease with the robot
and rest assured of disinfection.

3 Secrets of Efficient Sterilization

1) Ultrasonic atomization technology is used to quickly atomize the disinfectant to form 5μm ~ 15μm dry mist particle diffusion.

2) 23.8L super-large capacity of the disinfectant tank, self-powered, long-lasting disinfection effect.

3) High-performance disinfectant atomization module with 2000mL/h ultra-high atomization rate to quickly achieve indoor air disinfection.

Atomizer Disinfection Robot (Second Image)

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