About Red Brick

From smart technologies and engineering to smart building material and sustainable ecosystems, Red Brick designs and builds systems, spaces and environments that meet the increasing demands of a smarter, safer and sustainable world.

Building a Smarter & Safer Future

At Red Brick we strive to source technologies and develop designs to build solutions for a better tomorrow.

We are a group of professionals with an average experience of fifteen years in their respective fields with solid expertise and know how, working with affiliates in various fields of technologies impacting our professional life.

From smart technologies and engineering to smart building material, and sustainable ecosystems, we design and build systems, spaces and environments to meet the increasing demands of a smarter, safer and sustainable world.

Future Smart Cities

Red Brick cherishes collaboration across its internal constituents and external parties including business partners, technology providers, suppliers and customers. It is our creative diversity that leads to innovation in what we do. Doing business with integrity allows us to set an exemplary service, delivered with honesty and accountability.

The Red Brick Team
Future City

Vision & Mission

We see a better tomorrow empowered by a continuously developing technology, fuelled by science, scientific discoveries and achievements, driven by imagination and innovation.

We aim at creating value through applied technology and science by figuring new ways of doing old things, and building new things to evolve the old ways.

“Creating a future requires a profound and yes, unrealistic, vision of what is possible. But it is fantasy and wonder that drive technology and innovation.”

Corporate Social Responsibility

Red Brick considers Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) a priority. Our firm manages itself in a socially and environmentally sustainable way. Furthermore, all solutions that we provide are developed to reflect our CSR objectives.

We believe in a three-tier approach for socially responsible organizational management: meeting current requirements, ensuring future protection, and protecting nature and society.

Currently, everything Red Brick does is successfully aligned with these aims.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Our Project Management Approach & Delivery Process

We follow a well established process no matter what the nature of the project is. This process is enforced by a set of collaboration and management tools to ensure quality deliverables on time and on budget. Following a convenient mix of agile and waterfall methodologies, we ensure we follow the right technical and project delivery approach for each project depending on its nature, scale and specificities.
Project Management Process
Our key to successful execution lies in our ability to control and manage the project from start to finish and collaborating with various stakeholders in real-time to avoid surprises, manage risk and ensure if not improve delivery time and quality.

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